About The Artist

Born in France, Fab Rideti is a "young artist". After 15 years of Marketing in a luxury brand, she decided to solely focus on her creative aspirations, and went back to school, studying fine-arts in Les Beaux Arts (France). Fab soon revealed a passion for photography. A Seattleite since August 2010, she started surfing on the artistic fiber of the Emerald City, defining her style and her inspiration: bring a humorous lens, using mockery and gentle cynicism, as an invitation to step back or simply smile. Her work invites a critical gaze at our society. Humor and laughter are at the heart of it. With laughter comes a letting go of fear, it teaches us to live fully in the present, to keep things in perspective. It allows Fab Rideti to show the unbearable and break taboos. Her work is an attempt to surprise or awaken a sleeping conscience, and sow the seeds of doubt. It provokes question about what deserves serious consideration, and what does not.