Yvette Endrijautzki

About The Artist

Creating Assemblages feels to me like working as a writer: The objects I have collected are my characters and all i have to do is to allow them to tell their story.Often my work is metaphors for confusion and obsession, stories of hope and despair or simply a comment to the puzzling world I live in. Juxtaposition and controversy are important elements of my creations: combined polarities like humor and pain, fear and bravery, love and hate or life and death are all subject matter which i believe we humans are in constant battle with. Facing these social and cultural matters, I give disturbing images a natural beauty and create harmony between opposition and contradictions. Found objects, gathered relics, emphema, and separated pieces are married and survive to form a whole that launches you into a demented wonderland, an astral journey, a surreal side show or an extra ordinary trip full of time warps, old memories and pure magick..... Yvette endrijautzki contact: thenautilusstudio@googlemail.com website: www.thenautilusstudio.com