Bolinas Frank

Hiesen #7 Print $129 Print This is a very high quality color giclee print on canvas from a professional print shop. 24 x 30 saved to favorites save to favorites

Artist's Statement

TITLE: Canvas Print - Hiesen #7 ITEM DESCRIPTION: The original painting is ink and watercolor created in 2018 of the model Hiesen at Studio Paradiso. This is a very high quality color limited edition print on paper from a professional print shop. DIMENSIONS AVAILABLE: 10" x 8" ........... $34.99 16" x 12" .........$42.49 20" x 16" ......... $59.99 24" x 16" .........$69.99 30" x 24" ......... $129.99 I've been taught that realistic figurative work is inherently political and the most challenging work to execute. Gender matters in regards to the artist and the model, the pose, how the figure is rendered, the context of the figure, and the materials used. This particular series of figure work was done from a request by a patron who prefers more expressionistic figures and with bright colors and metallic material. I thought it would be interesting to use a traditionally pink feminine color to highlight a silver masculine figure. And by drawing multiple poses together on the same sheet of paper, a relationship is created between the figures.